Simon Arias Entrepreneur, Leader, Speaker

When it comes to the title entrepreneur, one of the biggest names you might have heard is Simon Arias. After only having his business open for less than 10 years Simon has grown quite extensively. Simon has also grown on his own to be an inspiration to people around the world. Such a rapid growth has brought with it many questions about Simon. Today we are going to answer some of them.

Early Years

Simon Arias grew up in Youngstown, OH with just his mother in the picture. In order to support the two of them, she had to hold multiple jobs. And this was just to provide the basics. The world of drugs and guns in Youngstown managed to lure Simon in at first and that even included spending time in a juvenile detention center. Family and his mentors were able to pull Simon out of that mindset and he became an athlete.

Both high school and college football were opening roles that have helped to fuel Simon's success. On both teams he was the team captain which gave him experience leading and motivating others. Experience that is crucial in the business and speaking worlds.

The early year help from his friends and family taught Simon one important thing that he still preaches today. Your family should always come first. This is even on the top page of his biography on his website. Family members are going to be your biggest aid in succeeding. Even if they can't fund you, they are the ones who are going to motivate you.

From College To Leadership

Football impressed upon Simon the importance of results. Time and time again he has said that he wanted a results driven career. Not only due his work ethic but also to help fuel his competitive nature. He started off with the insurance company American Income Life and used that time to absorb as much as he could from the various leaders at the company. From the janitor to the CEO, Simon Arias took notes.

In only a matter of years after graduating college and starting at American Income Life, Simon already felt like he had enough notes and experience to start a company of his own. With all of this under his belt, he opened Arias Agencies in the city of Pittsburgh.

Now that company has grown to be an international agency with offices in major cities around the world. It brings in millions of dollars worth of profit every year. With that growth he has paid heavy attention to those under them. Recognition and rewards help to incentivize employees. But your employees are the corner stone of your business and keeping that in mind has helped him to succeed.

Arias Tactics

Now, Simon didn't just rise to the top of the industry, once he reached the top he became a speaker and mentor. With that he has dispensed some tactics (advice) that others in the business world can take advantage of. Here are some things that he stresses

Pay Now, Play Later. This idea focuses on the fact that it takes a lot of work to start a business. If you are dedicated to performing this work and spend more time working than playing, it will pay off in the end. In short, you must being willing to sacrifice. Sacrifice the play upfront for the bigger play after.

Build The Foundation. Simon also believes that the most important part of starting a business is to get a good foundation for said business. You want to build it up from the ground up. Don't get to focused on the immediate end goal.

Seek Advice. As we mentioned earlier, Simon is a big believer in mentors. He has used them throughout his career to get to where he is. Find people who can help you and take notes on anyone who is a position that you want to be in. Do your research but also reach out.

For many people Simon Arias is a role model. This is well deserved. He has lived out the American dream of going from rags to riches. But most importantly, he didn't become stuck up when he got there. He believes you too can find success. Visit his website to learn more from him: